The Best Exercises For Abs That Need No Equipment

Both men and women long to look good and many consider having a flat tummy and some abs as a necessary part of looking good. Many will be in the quest to get the six pack or flat belly but do not know which are the best exercises for abs. There are many exercises to choose from ranging from those that require the use of equipment to those that don’t.

Getting abs is a difficult undertaking that involves tough exercises, but the key thing to remember is to focus on quality, not quantity. In short, spending hours doing a single routine will not get you the abs; what counts is doing an effective routine for a few minutes each day. With that in mind, from our friends at here are some of the best exercises for abs that need no equipment.

Seated Leg Lifts

The exercise will have your feeling the burn on your mid and lower abs. It looks simple, but it is an intense routine. Get into a supported position with your legs lying straight on the ground. Lean back a little and have your core engaged with our hand at your hips. Lift one leg up making sure it goes around 6- 10 inches off the ground and hold it up for five seconds before switching to the other leg. Keep alternating the legs for around 2 minutes without taking a break. You can take a 30-seconds break after that, then repeat the routine again. Do around 3 – 5 reps.

Spider Plank Crunch

Again, this one comes from Specforce Abs Review and it is a great exercise that gets your entire core fired up as you work the front and back abdominal areas simultaneously. It will also have you working on your lower back. To do this routine, get into the traditional plank position having your forearms on the ground and the rest of your body straight and slightly elevated off the ground. You then start to crawl while remaining on the same spot; bring your right knee forward to the right elbow and repeat the same with the left knee to the left elbow. Do around ten reps.


The exercise focus on your upper and lower abdominal areas and your lower back. You can opt to do the exercise lying on a flat surface or an inclined surface if you feel you need to make the routine a bit intense.  You need to ensure your legs remain firmly fixed to the ground as you raise your upper back off the ground to get into a seated position before going back down slowly and then repeat the same thing. Do around 20 reps.

Bicycle Crunch

The routine involves doing two crunch moves; the side-to-side and the reverse crunch. Lie on your back placing your hands behind your head or on the sides. Ensure your legs are off the ground and bent. You will then start to cycle moving your left elbow towards the right knee and switch to the right elbow moving it to the left knee. You can diversify the routine by making ten side moves for each side (left and right) then holding your body in position for around 60 seconds. You can then bring your arms and legs to rest for around two minutes before you repeat the entire routine again. Do around 3 – 5 reps.

You can also do the bicycle crunches while standing. A routine is a good option because it allows your abdominal area to stretch and relax as you work out. You can consider it if the traditional crunches are cause some discomfort. It is relatively easy; you can do around five reps.


Not many people think running as an effective workout that helps build abs. When running, the mid-body section twists and this allows the abs and other muscles to flex and relax. Running is known to help with belly fat, and thus it is a good way of taking a break for the strenuous abs exercises such as crunches and sit-ups.

It is possible to get the abs you desire by doing the exercises mentioned above. Pick at one of the exercises for each day. Also, it is important to find a day in between your exercising schedule to take a break from exercising and allow your body and muscles to relax and rejuvenate.

Longwood Senior Services Help Local Communities

All your life, you’ve seen your parents guarding their independence fiercely, rubbishing your requests to seek help to carry on with their daily activities. But then reality hits suddenly one day, when your parent either falls down or is met with an illness. For some the signs were always obvious, but you failed to notice. Failing to meet scheduled appointments, mounting utility bills are all indications that your parent needs help from a Longwood home health care agency.

There is a growing tendency among seniors to live independently as long as possible. In fact longevity researchers at institutions like the Oregon Health and Science University, MIT and Stanford are now focusing on systems that’ll help seniors live independently at home for longer periods. This involves using technology that promotes wellness, social connectivity and even mobility.

Seniors preferring to stay at home can seek help from care givers at a Longwood senior care agency. These caregivers undergo professional training to effectively handle seniors. These caregivers are sensitized to the needs of the physical and emotional needs of the elderly.

The type of help provided would largely depend on the level of assistance required by the individual. This is largely dependent on the ability of the individual to manage the 6 Activities of Daily Living (ADL). Activities of daily living consist of bathing, dressing, transferring, continence care, eating and walking. A senior may request for help to perform these activities. In addition to helping elders with the above mentioned activities, caregivers at Orlando senior services also help seniors in errands, shopping, taking medications, managing money, communication, and even transportation for meeting scheduled appointments. They also help seniors with companionship service. A few agencies also help seniors find the right assisted living community or the right Longwood Alzheimer’s care center.

While services at most in-home care agencies are privately funded, a few agencies allow Medicare and other private insurance to pay for services.

But before you hire the services of an agency make sure that the agency is licensed, insured and bonded. Most caregivers at well established senior services agencies are vetted through extensive background checks on criminal and drug records. Remember to ask the agency about the policy followed by them when recruiting caregivers. The history of the in-home care agency is also of importance. You could look for information about the agency on the internet or ask for references from you’re parent’s physician, or attorney. Local support groups and church groups are all also a great place to look for references. If possible, schedule an appointment with the caregiver to assess if she is the right candidate for your parent.

Another fantastic place to check out more information about local stories changing lives is SeniorMoveAdvice


Advantages to Living in Longwood

Florida is incredible. The beautiful waters, vast majority of cultures, and amenities are just the appetizer for what the state has to offer. Given the level of tourism that Florida receives it is proven that there is something worth experiencing.

To begin with, the amusement parks are exceptional. Top notch entertainment and roller coasters are a “do not miss out” type of plan.  Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Disney, and many more are at the hub of Florida’s tourism culture. Most of these amusement parks are located in the Orlando Area, and won’t just be costing you a skinny penny. It is very pricey and depending on residency factors, and types of passes the price will variate.  I must say that the experiences and attractions live up to the hype and regardless of the price, it can be a wonderful investment for fun with family and friends.

To go along with entertainment, the nightlife in Orlando is fantastic. There are multiple options to choose from. The downtown area is always active during the night and seems to have something going on in every corner. When out looking for something to eat there are a variety of restaurants and types of food available.

The living communities are lovely. When looking to move into any given area it is important to choose one based off the beautiful aspects of nature that Florida provides. Golf communities are not of shortage in Florida, as the state has some of the top-class golf courses in the world.  Palm trees everywhere, and wonderful bodies of freshwater glittered throughout the wetland show wonderful prehistoric looking beauty.

Overall the Orlando areas has proven to show a great majority of every spice of life. If you are looking to make a move to Florida that may be a great choice for you. Families are accommodated with schools in all locations within the city, and great access to well placed shopping centers. Again this should be a list of some factors to think about when looking for a good home.

You thought I wouldn’t mention it didn’t you? THE WEATHER! It is absolutely wonderful. With summers getting too hot for comfort at some times, winters don’t ever seem to get colder than 50 degrees in Orlando. That would be rare in some cases also. What I’m trying to say is there is a reason “Snowbirds” flock to Florida when snow hits the fan.

To tie everything together, the living conditions, entertainment, family and personal commodity, and weather are all good excuses to make the move to florida. Retiring and raising a family are at opposite ends of the spectrum, yet are able to coexist in an environment such as Florida. This place is full of wonderful individuals. I had the pleasure of meeting and becoming good friends with a young lady who is an Advisor in Longwood.

Let me know if there is any other information you would like provided to you about Orlando or the Florida area as a whole. In addition please be sure to reach out to my friend Patrice Migliore for in depth advice on assisted living in longwood.


Reach out to me here: contact us

Longwood’s Best Practices in Assisted Living

Longwood has always been a fine area for retirement. Vast amounts of leisurely activity combined with unmatched climates. I guess I’m really just talking about Florida as a whole. These factors actually make the assisted living business a huge success in the tourist/retirement region that is Florida. Facilities are able to easily accommodate the residents in their living situations. Coastal locations are a big advantage because of many individuals desire to reside on or near the coast somewhere.

Longwood, FL

I was recently inspired to put together this mediocre list of senior living facilities because of a current family situation that has brought rise to the importance of the issue. There are a number of assisted living facilities in the Longwood. Some with more commodity than others.  I wanted to gather a wide variety of options because of the number of different situations one can be in when attempting to find a place for their relative.  The physical condition that they are in, specifically their medical health plays a big role in deciding where they should go. You want to ensure that the place responsible for caring for them is well off in that field of work, and provides adequate service. Let’s be real folks. Most of the time it’s hard to get half way mark in satisfying your loved one, so what makes you think they will be anymore relentless to a tech or health provider. Comfort is slowly becoming key.

To start off, if your relative has memory issues, a memory care facility is going to be mandatory. This is for obvious reasons. They will be able to provide the most up to par care when it comes to these kinds of patients. In situations such as these facilitators are trained to give an environment that is relaxing and exceptional. The goal is to enable your loved one to still interact with family and live out as healthy a life as possible.

Independent living communities are a change of gears. They are much more fitting for individuals who can take care of themselves and make their own decisions. Customized lifestyle plans, meals plans, the whole nine yards. Much more , “slack” is given to residents in facilities like these.

In addition Continued Care Retirement Communities are a good mix of the previous two. These assisted living facilities provide a mapped out plan for any stage of growing old. It enables residents to move from independent to assisted living whenever it becomes necessary with health issues. They really tie together the tiers of assistance one may need as they progress in life. This can be the one stop option for those looking to ensure that no matter what their folks are receiving care that they might need. With required evaluations and specific regards to health assurance.

Overall finding the right place for your folks can be super undermining, and very painstaking. It’s a rigorous process that will pay off down the road. SO, before you go begin realize that it will take time and effort to nail down the right spot for them. It’s really helpful to talk with advisors who will work for you free of cost. This will help you further map out where you need to take your business. There are handful of good advisors out their but does a tremendous job.


Senior Blogger Bananza

Yes. I am a senior blogger. Just because I am old does not mean I can’t rock with the internet crew.

These past couple sentences have probably sent you into a whirl of “cringe”. I wanted to get my stereotypes out of the way right off the bat. I can understand a modern culture and I have situational awareness. Not just some kook with a laptop.

…Okay I might be. Nonetheless things have been going really well with my life, so I have decided to expand my horizons and begin expounding on some of my daily thoughts and ventures. It will give me an opportunity to interact with a variety of folk from around the world, as well as vent and help put some energy in a place where it can be brought to attention and absorbed.

I just wanted to give a short introduction to let you know what you should expect on an old mans blog such as this one. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments.


Cool Senior